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Construcción y evaluación de servicios interactivos en entornos de Televisión Digital.

TítuloConstrucción y evaluación de servicios interactivos en entornos de Televisión Digital.
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Nuevas Publicaciones2016
AutoresChanchí, G., Arciniegas J., & wcampo
JournalRevista Ingeniería

 Context: In order to expand the range of virtual education opportunities, it's important to consider two technological aspects: the great potential of TV penetration and the Web 2.0 services boom in social networks and Internet communities, spaces in which users share and generate knowledge around a topic. So, it's necessary to define how to implement and deploy these interactive services in television environments, given the particular characteristics of this scenario. Method: For the purpose of guiding the building process of interactive services, in this paper we propose a scheme of service consumption in scenarios of interactive digital television (iDTV), which has been adapted from the REST-JSON (Representational State Transfer - Javascript Object Notation) architectural style. Results: As a result of the use of the proposed scheme, we implemented the message board, chat and e-mail services, in the television scenarios of digital terrestrial television (DTT) and Mobile TV of the ST-CAV project (T-Learning services for the support of virtual academic communities). Likewise, another result obtained in the present paper, was the evaluation of the implemented services through network traffic and memory consumption tests. Conclusions: According to processing and response times obtained in the evaluation of implemented interactive services, the presented scheme can be considered as a viable alternative for the design and building of services in iDTV scenarios, allowing convergence with Internet applications (Web 2.0).


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