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QoE-Based Analysis of DASH Streaming Parameters Over Mobile Broadcast Networks

TítuloQoE-Based Analysis of DASH Streaming Parameters Over Mobile Broadcast Networks
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Nuevas Publicaciones2017
AutoresLentisco, C., Bellido L., Cuellar J., Pastor E., & Arciniegas J.
JournalIEEE Access
Start Page20684-20694

Multimedia services over mobile networks are subject to multiple factors that affect the quality of experience (QoE) perceived by users. In a long term evolution (LTE) multimedia broadcast service, these factors are initial delay, technical quality of multimedia content, and service disruptions. However, there is a lack of QoE models to enable QoE measurement. We propose to use video mean opinion score as a new and objective QoE model that is in the process of standardization, and we show how it can be applied to LTE multimedia broadcast services for QoE assessment. The results obtained are useful to better understand the impact of several service parameters on perceived quality. By applying this assessment methodology, it is possible to determine the most adequate service parameters for a specific LTE broadcast deployment.


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