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A YANG model for a vertical SDN management plane

TítuloA YANG model for a vertical SDN management plane
Tipo de PublicaciónConference Paper
Nuevas Publicaciones2017
AutoresMontoya-Munoz, A. l, Casas-Velasco D. M., Estrada-Solano F., Ordonez A., & Caicedo O. M.
Conference Name2017 IEEE Colombian Conference on Communications and Computing (COLCOM)
Año de publicación10/2017
Año de publicaciónIEEE
Conference LocationCartagena, Colombia
número de adhesión978-1-5386-1059-6
Call Number978-1-5386-1061-9
Palabras claveSoftware-Defined Networking Network Management Data Model YANG

Specifying a Management Plane for the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture is essential for monitoring, configuring and handling computer networks. Diverse solutions have proposed it but they share some shortcomings: incomplete representations of SDN elements, few human-readable languages for managing networks, no communication management aimed at Internet Engineering and absence of supporting communication between Autonomous Systems. In this paper, we introduce a protocol-agnostic Data Model based on YANG that specifies a vertical SDN management Plane, handles technology heterogeneity and supports inter-domain communication. To test our Data Model, we evaluate a prototype in an SDN configuration scenario that includes devices supporting diverse technologies. The obtained results provide directions that corroborate the efficiency of our approach in terms of time-response and network traffic.


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