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RB Repository: Reference bibliographies repository for Drupal 7

TítuloRB Repository: Reference bibliographies repository for Drupal 7
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Nuevas Publicaciones2016
AutoresCollazos, F. O., Hurtado B. E. H., & Pineda E. R.
JournalSistemas & Telemática
EjemplarVol 14 No 38 (2016)
Start Page47-62
Año de publicación10/2016
Palabras claveBibliographic repository, Drupal., module, Scopus API, semiautomatic capture of information

This article, a result of a research project, the characteristics and functions of a module developed for managing bibliographic references about the content management system Drupal Version 7 are exposed. It integrates several functions that allows to host the information in a repository, of both bibliographic and users, and includes a function based on the Scopus API to obtain in a semiautomatically way metadata from publications, which simplifies and streamlines the information introduction and extraction. Acquiring metadata from publications would have a semiautomatic component which would reduce the amount of information that should be entered manually.


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