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Data-Centric UML Profile for Wireless Sensors: Application to Smart Farming

TítuloData-Centric UML Profile for Wireless Sensors: Application to Smart Farming
Tipo de PublicaciónJournal Article
Nuevas Publicaciones2019
AutoresPlazas, J. E., Bimonte S., De Sousa G., & Corrales J. C.
JournalInternational Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems (IJAEIS)
Start Page21
Año de publicación04/2019

Modelling WSN data behaviour is relevant since it would allow to evaluate the capacity of an application for supplying the user needs, moreover, it could enable a transparent integration with different data-centric information systems. Therefore, this article proposes a data-centric UML profile for the design of wireless sensor nodes from the user point-of-view capable of representing the gathered and delivered data of the node. This profile considers different characteristics and configurations of frequency, aggregation, persistence and quality at the level of the wireless sensor nodes. Furthermore, this article validates the UML profile through a computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tool implementation and one case study, centred on the data collected by a real WSN implementation for precision agriculture and smart farming.


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